PBUP Event – A Thank You Note

Thanks to EVERYONE who was able to make it to our first Breakfast meeting yesterday! The Speakers and the guests all had a fantastic and inspiring time. We heard from both a current head teacher and an ex head teacher, we heard from Secondary school teachers, Book Authors, a Children behaviour specialist, an Out of school clubs owner and also parents as well who had lots of inspiring stories to share. The questions and answers sessions were also very great and interactive. It was indeed a very successful event and it would not have been the same without you all.

Two of the most popular suggestions from our evaluation forms were (1) More time needed and (2) When is the next event/How often will we run this?

For me personally, I also wished we had more time as well because there was so much to talk about and we had very interested and passionate parents all around. I am still overwhelmed by the response and we will start to plan the next one as soon as. I will update you all in the week on various points that were raised. We all left there More Inspired, More Informed and indeed More determined.

Thank YOU all for the support you showed ‘Parents of Black UK Pupils, Thank YOU all for supporting the Stall holders. Thank YOU for being there, Thank You to those of us who could not make it due to other commitments, we trust that you will there for the next one. Thank YOU all for supporting our mission and vision. WE MUST MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BY BEING THE DIFFERENCE.

From: Phinnah Chichi.

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