Parents worry their child won’t make friends at school

school-friendsIn a recent survey by Charity Action for children, it found that many Parents worry their children will not make friends when they start at school for the first time.

In this survey of more than 2,200 British parents, 33% said their main worry was their child would not make friends. This compares with 11% who said their main concern was that their children would struggle with their school work. And one in ten said they were worried about their child not asking for help when they needed it.

The charity said “Parents naturally worry about their children but the thing that struck us most is that they think they are doing the right thing by having them read or write without thinking about the social skills they need.”

Our children’s social skill is as important as their academic abilities. It is advisable that we get our young children to mix well with others kids before they start school. Social skills such as sharing, making friends, playing and communicating are enhanced when we do so. (PBUP)


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