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5 Days – Setting the Scene Up for a Successful Academic Year

Dear Amazing Parents, By September, every Tween and Teen will start a new race of their lives. A new Class! A new School (for some) and a new Start. In all athletics competitions that we have watched so far, we

Understanding Your Tween and Teen Boys Better

Hello Amazing parents, I am pleased to say that the live video on understanding your teen boys went very well. We had over 140 parents watch it live and by this morning the number has risen to about 369. It

Happy New Month

Hello Amazing parents, As we start this new month of July and step into the next half of the year, I am honoured to start it with you and keep you up to date with what we have coming up.

New School Week

Good morning Amazing Parents! It’s the start of new school week and we are looking forward to it. All the noise, all the reminders of don’t forget this and don’t forget that, all the questions- have you got you packed

Are You Concerned As A Parent?

Dear Amazing Parent, How are you doing this week? I have been talking to a few parents who share very similar concerns and I thought, I’d ask you the some questions which many parents relate to. As a parent, are

Voice Of Validation

To Every Parent! Let your voice of validation be the loudest in your child’s ear. More and more Tweens and Teens are seeking validation from the outside because they are not receiving it from their homes. It is so vital

Stay Positive

Hello amazing Parents! Happy New Month!! I am so excited for the month of June not only because its my birthday month, but also because we are at a midway point in this amazing year. I call it amazing irrespective

Stay Safe

YOUR SAFETY MATTERS! and YOU MATTER! Please remember to stay safe both offline and online. Be wise and do NOT to share your personal information . Have a great day at school today