According the Association of Colleges (AoC), 70% of young people trust their parents for job advice; however the report argues that parent’s views can often be out of date. “Parents can push their children towards careers that are seen to be safe or traditional but possibly not be best suited to their children.
The report goes on to advice that Career advisers should liaise with local employers and update parents and pupils about local job markets and emerging industries. In a survey of over 2000 secondary pupils, only 49% felt well informed about what jobs are available.
Good career advice for our children is very vital and we know that every parent that does help in giving their children advice do it with the best of intentions. I personally feel as parents of this generation that we do look beyond the traditional jobs especially in cases where our children are so sure of what they want to do and work hard towards it. It is our duty to help guide our children but not to force them to go for a career just because we have gone for that career. Our children are born with various gifts/talents in them. Let’s help to recognise those gifts, let’s stay updated with what going on out there in the work places. If an opportunity arises at your work place, ask if you could bring in your son or daughter to come in and experience what it is like to work. This and many other ways will help guide them towards discovering those talents and interests in them. We ALL want the best for our children.

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