Parents Forced To Pay More for Expensive School Uniforms

School Uniform
The cost of uniforms has always been an issue for parents but now with the increase of many schools converting to an Academy status, many parents have faced spending more, with up £161-£200 per pupil as schools ‘rebrand’ when they become academies.

According to the telegraph online report, this term alone, at least 275 schools have converted to Academies while 100 are still in the process of applying. Of course ‘rebranding’ will include a new name, new logo, motto and a new uniform. Many parents have seen themselves buying new uniforms to replace older ones that had nothing wrong with them.

“The Government is now calling on schools to adopt a “common sense approach” to uniform policies, by keeping to a similar colour scheme or giving parents the chance to simply sew or iron new badges onto existing clothes.” We concur with the government on that.


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