Recently a report had highlighted that “Schools are failing to prepare young people for “pleasurable, equal and safe relationships”, According to the National Children’s Bureau, almost a third of young people in the survey said they did not learn about sexual consent in sex education lessons. As reported in the BBC report, the Department for Education says it has given extra funds for training, and to promote the teaching of consent. Sex and relationship education is compulsory in maintained secondary schools.
Here comes our question, where do Parents fit in all if this? We think it is necessary for our children to hear these from parents first before they hear it from others. What is the right age to talk to our kids about sex? When is the right time? Are we opening up a can of worms by bringing up this topic? In what context do we talk about it? With all that is shown in the media and on the internet, it is very important that we as parents start this topic and allow our children to be free to ask us questions about it. A parent in this forum has written a brilliant piece that parents can use as a GUIDE in that very important chat with our children. I highlight the word ‘guide’ as it is really up to each and every parent in what context they believe is best to approach the subject with.
If you have had that all important conversation with your child or children and want to share your approach with other parents, please feel free to comment on this or send us an email to and we can have a write up of various approaches to the subject.

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