New Approved Punishments for Unruly Children

The department of Education will issue a new guide detailing new approved punishments that teachers can make on unruly children in their schools. Its mission according to Michael Gove is to ‘ensure that more teachers take a tough line with disruptive pupils.’

The List includes:

  • Litter Picking
  • Mopping school halls
  • Tidying classrooms
  • Community service
  • Weeding School grounds
  • Cleaning up graffiti
  • Writing lines
  • Issuing no- notice detentions on same day
  • Searching pupils without their consent
  • Teachers will also have reasonable force to remove unruly children

Let’s share our opinions on this, because we know we will have various takes on this.

For me personally discipline to some degree does no harm but my question would be: who is an unruly child? I ask this because although we know there are SOME children who can be so unruly, there are also some teachers who may pick on some pupils either because of past experiences they’ve had with them or just negative perceptions created out of chats with fellow teachers. The concern for me will be on the abuse of that power.

What’s you take on this new guide? We would love to hear from you.

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