According to the BBC, more than two thirds of 14-17-year-olds believe negative portrayals of teenagers in the media are affecting their job prospects, a survey suggests.
More than 1,000 14-17-year-olds from England and Northern Ireland took part in the survey.
The think tank, Demos, which commissioned the survey, said false stereotyping of young people in the media and wider society was having a negative effect on both their self-esteem and employment opportunities.
This is not actually a new and breaking news because it has always been known and we must say that those negative portrayals affects more black and mixed race kids than any other race.
Rather than dwell on those negativity, I started a positive magazine called ‘TEN2TEENS MAGAZINE for 10-19 year old inspiring them, informing them, motivating them, showcasing black role models to them, and portraying young achievers to them. The kinds of publications are children read are very important to us as parents.
All kids but most especially black and mixed race kids deserve a more positive portrayal about them. We hope to spread the awareness of this magazine so that even employers can also see the positives about our children and also our children can see more positives about themselves and set up higher goals for themselves because they believe they can do it.

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