On Monday the 3rd of March is “NATIONAL OFFER DAY” when the parents of around 530,000 English 11-year-olds (including me) will discover which state secondary school they have been allocated for September.
Reports say that tens of thousands of pupils face missing out on their favoured secondary school after the most sought-after institutions were flooded with as many as 12 applications for each place.
According to the Telegraph, ‘Demand for places is most fierce at an elite band of grammar schools and state-funded academies which often draw applications from families living several miles away.’
Figures obtained by the Telegraph show that more than 10 pupils were chasing each place at some schools, rising as high as 12 in one case.
We can only stay in faith, stay positive and believe that we will be offered the best that we desire. Good luck to all parents who like me are looking forward to finding out which school our 11 year olds have been allocated to.
Common Monday!!!!!

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