More Than 90 Pupils a Day ‘Excluded For Attacking Staff’

With the recent death of the teacher in Leeds 2 days ago, figures have been brought to light that show an equivalent of 90 children a day excluded for assaulting adults.

Schoolchildren were expelled or suspended 17,520 times for physically assaulting adults in 2011/12 – the latest available figures – more than 90 a day across the academic year.

Official data shows the number of suspensions for assaulting staffs have grown in recent years although permanent expulsions are down.

Teachers’ leaders insisted that schools were safe places and reiterated that the recent incident in Leeds was an isolated incident.

Department of Education figures show 250 pupils were caught with weapons in 2013, compared with 326 in 2012 and 365 in 2011.

A recent Sky News investigation found weapons found in schools in recent years have included guns, a meat cleaver, three axes and a cut-throat razor.


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