More Points on Teenagers and Sleep to Ponder On

“One of the biggest culprits for inadequate and disturbed sleep is technology. Dr Jennifer Vriend

“Many teenagers sleep with their phones and they are awakened regularly by it ringing or vibrating throughout the night when they get a text, email or Facebook message.

“Having televisions and games consoles in the bedroom is also a problem. It sets up the brain to see the room as an entertainment zone rather than a quiet, sleepy environment.

“So when a teenager is playing a violent video game regularly in his bedroom, his brain starts to associate it as a place where he should be on edge and ready for danger; the brain becomes wired to not want to sleep in that environment.”

Losing as little as an hour’s sleep can ruin a child’s performance at school, according to the study published in the Journal of Paediatric Psychology.

Pupils who have late nights find maths problems harder to solve and have poorer memory skills.

However, bringing bedtime forward – even by 60 minutes – makes youngsters calmer and better able to concentrate.

Good information for all of us as parents to be aware of.


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