The traditional A* to G grading structure will be replaced as part of a shake up to GCSE in favour of a new nine-point scoring system based on numbers. (This was briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post)
The reason is due to concerns that the existing system fails to properly differentiate between bright, average and weak pupils. Our children will now be marked from one to nine with nine being the highest. These changes will take effect from September 2015 according to the news on Telegraph online.
Other planned changes that we should be aware of are:

• A cut in the amount of coursework and ensuring that any remaining tasks are marked by external examiners rather than teachers to avoid over-generous grading;
• A greater focus on end-of-course tests – scraping bite-sized modular exams;
• A single assessment window in May and June to stop exams being sat through the year;
• The end of “tiered” papers – easy and hard exams for pupils of differing ability levels – in most subjects other than maths.


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