More on Michael Gove’s Points on the ‘Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations’

Michael Gove criticised

“the soft bigotry of low expectations which has governed education for too long by refusing to accept that children from poorer homes can’t be expected to do just as well, to achieve just as highly, as their wealthier peers.”

  • Black and ethnic minority children from deprived backgrounds face even greater challenges because of the negative attitude of teachers.
  • Fewer black children reach the expected level in reading, writing, maths and science at age seven and the gaps still exist in English and maths at age 11, falling three points behind the national average.
  • At 16 only half of black pupils achieved five or more A*-C grades at GCSE, compared with almost three in five of all pupils, and at 18 a smaller proportion of black pupils are awarded two or more A-levels.
  • “For too long, there have been shocking, stubborn gaps in attainment between children from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and their peers,”

He concludes by saying that “This government is committed heart and soul to the civil rights battle of our time – the fight to give every child a great school”.


Comments please. We have some following up to do on these points. We want to make sure that this commitments are not just politically based. (PBUP)

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