More 11-Year Olds Entered For the Super SATs Test (LEVEL 6)

According to the Telegraph, figures from the Department for Education show a dramatic rise in the number of pupils being entered for “level 6” SATs exams designed to mark out the brightest 11-year-olds. Apparently the number of 11-year-olds being entered for “super SATs” tests designed to stretch the brightest pupils has almost doubled in just two years.

Level 6 is usually established to assess children at levels expected of the average 14-year-old.

The Department for Education said 106,000 pupils – more than one-in-six – took the optional test in maths. It was up by 93 per cent compared with 2012 and represented a rise of a third on last year.

A similar increase was recorded for the reading exam and a separate test in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

It is the third year that the “level 6” tests have been run in England after previously being abolished by the former government more than a decade ago.

Currently, all pupils sit basic-level SATs tests, with average pupils expected to reach level 4 and bright children scoring level 5. The additional level 6 test is designed for those at an even higher level.

Well done to our year six children who sat their SATs tests. We are ALL aiming for great results. The average level is Level 4 but we are expecting more Level 5s and Level 6s.


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