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With a vision and mission to bring together parents and guardians of black UK pupils and to participate in and empower our children thereby closing the academic achievement gap, Parents of Black UK Pupils as well as being conscious of the numerous positive activities that we as parents can do to help our children, we are not ignorant of the problems that do exist within the community.

In the 2011’s London riots, government figures claim that 46% of those that were arrested were black, 42% white, 7% Asians and 5% claim as other. 90% of people brought to courts were male, and nearly half were aged 21 or under. Now that is an alarming and concerning statistics.

As an organisation, we are aware of the various charities doing great works in providing mentoring, counselling, educational support and tackling issues like gang culture, troubled teens, etc that are rapidly affecting our society. Mentoring aimed at young people is now on the increase. Boys and Girls regardless of race are benefitting tremendously from these programs. At PBUP, we are very delighted to share our web space and promote such great charities.

Before we lead you to these links, let’s take a look at what mentoring is about.

Who is a Mentor?

A mentor is simply a person who has the qualities of a good role model.

What is Mentoring?

Is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. (Wikipedia)

The person who receives mentorship is called a ‘mentee’. Mentors maintaining frequent contact with mentees and knowing their families are known to be highly beneficial to youths.

What makes a good Mentor?

A good mentor:

  1. Listens
  2. Guides
  3. Educates
  4. Supports
  5. Cares

A good mentor is also admirable, accessible, practical, provides insights, criticizes constructively and is specific.

Source: (Best practices in human resources, issue 653)

Organisations that help mentor youths

Eastside Young Leaders Academy

eyla_org_ukEYLA exists to nurture and develop the leadership potential of young African and Caribbean males, empowering them to become the next generation of successful leaders.

We provide educational and emotional support for boys aged 8-18, particularly those identified as being at risk of social exclusion.

EYLA is not a school but an educational and leadership development organisation, which works alongside schools to motivate and encourage students to stay in class and remain on task.

We focus on respect and self worth, inculcating a culture of hard work, academic excellence and civic responsibility. We seek to develop the interpersonal skills of each child, instilling in them self confidence and unlocking their creative flair.

EYLA was established in 2002 by Ray Lewis, formerly a governor in H.M Prison Service.


leap_org_ukLEAP an organisation that prepares and supports young ones into employment.

LEAP has developed an educational programme for young people in London as they prepare to go out on work experience. The course exposes them to skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to succeed in the work environment and life in general. To date they have provided services to almost 20,000 people and placed 5000 people into employment and continue to work hard to help young ones.

Leap was founded by Tunde Banjoko OBE.

100 Black Men of London

100bmol_org_ukThe 100 Black Men of London is a charity dedicated to the education, development and uplifting of our youth and the wider community. We are a chapter of the 100 Black Men International Inc, an organisation first created in New York in 1963 by a group of concerned African American men determined to bring about positive change in their local community. Our membership comprises men of African or Caribbean heritage. Our volunteer base consists of men and women of diverse backgrounds, professions, skills and interests.(London EC1M)

Croydon Black Boys Can

croydonblackboyscan_orgCroydon Black Boys Can is a proactive, action-orientated community organisation which aims to provide Croydon’s black boys with educational opportunity, valuable life skills, a positive self-image, confidence and determination to succeed.

We seek to offer top quality mentoring and guidance in a safe and caring environment, where a boy’s all-round development is monitored and supported. We aim to provide appropriate challenges and work with parents/carers and education providers in order to develop each individual’s potential to the full.


motivatem_co_ukAt Motivatem this isn’t just a great idea; it’s a mission! We are passionate about combining coaching, consulting, speaking, and training services to inspire individuals and organisations towards greatness.

We particularly love working with organisations to develop their young talent – apprentices, graduates, and other young professionals. Over the years, through our Young Talent Network, we’ve partnered with several blue chip organisations to inspire and develop the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-performing managers and employees.

Charis Project 4 Young People

charisproject_comCharis Project is a social enterprise and community voluntary organisation that believes every young person has the potential to achieve if given the chance.

Charis works with young people in a troubled community, to help them deal with issues they face on a daily basis which are drugs, crime, teenage pregnancy, alcohol, truancy, poverty, prison, exclusion and various anti social behaviours that young people are lured into.


acdiversity_orgAfrican & Caribbean Diversity (ACDiversity) was founded in 1990 by a group of black professionals whose shared vision was of a dynamic organization that would promote the entry, development and advancement of its members into business organizations. In doing this it would make a positive contribution to the African and Caribbean communities and to the economy of the UK. Today, we are the leading membership organization of its kind in Europe.

Urban Synergy

urbansynergy_comCreated in 2007 and Founded by Leila Thomas, Urban Synergy is an award winning early intervention mentoring charity that helps young people between 11-18 years of age reach their full potential through outcome focused mentoring programs. These programs utilise individuals from a variety of professions who voluntarily offer young people (mentees) support, guidance and encouragement to achieve their best. The charity believes that high profile role models from all walks of life can make a positive difference to a young person’s life and in a relatively short amount of time, Urban Synergy has become a dynamic force for positive change.

Croydon Mentoring Consortium is the Local Delivery Partners for the Mayor of London’s Mentoring Programme. The consortium will deliver 12 month mentoring relationships to 140 black boys who are at risk of offending or of being not in education, employment or training (NEET). The boys will be aged 10-16 and reside, or go to school in the London borough of Croydon. These mentoring relationships will enable Black African/ Caribbean and mixed heritage boys to raise their attainment by instilling them with confidence, raising their self-belief and self-esteem.