Mealtime Chats Helps Boost Children’s Communication Skills

Mealtime Chats Helps Boost Children’s Communication Skills

A Study by the National Literacy Trust suggests that mealtime chatter helps boost children’s communication skills. Children who families sit and talk during meal are more confident the poll of 35000 UK children indicates.
The data suggest that sitting in silence at meal times is worse for children’s confidence than not sitting down for family meals. The results suggest that 62% of those who talk daily with their families at mealtimes feel confident to speak in front of a group compared with less than 47% of those who eat in silence and just over 52% of children who do not sit down for meals.

According to the BBC, The trust’s director Jonathan Douglas said: “Our research shows just how vital conversation at home is to the future success of our children and young people.


From a personal point , we were brought up with words like,’ don’t talk whilst eating,’ even though we never obeyed the instructions, we did talk a lot, so now with my kids, I do hear myself say,’ no talking whilst eating’ but they carry on talking after one or two seconds of silence. If we all talking together will boost their confidence, then we should continue to do so. Mums you can understand with me that sometimes after a long day at work and a tiring time of cooking, we just want some peace and quiet at the table and I know for dads as well, after work, you just to relax and have some peace and calmness for the evening.

Well mums and dads, we may have to leave relaxing time for when we finally go to bed.

Let us get talking. Have a fab day my fellow parents.

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