Make Sure Your High Achieving Children Have a Balanced Life

According to this report from the Telegraph, titled; Pushy parents are ‘fuelling laddish culture at universities’, Jeremy Thomas, a speaker at private schools on mental health, says students arrive unable to deal with the real world. He stresses the dilemma of some parents who focus so much on breeding children for success that the kids are clueless about anything else.

He also said many high achievers at school “have not been exposed to any challenges other than academia, have not failed at anything and are consequently not equipped to deal with the bumps and bruises life might throw at them”.

The danger that experts see in this are that many of these kids go to University wanting to fit in they want to be one of the gang and therefore they go into the drinking and drug culture. Also when a couple of bumps occur such as ill-chosen romantic or sexual encounters, real problems can occur such as anxiety and depression, serious misuse of alcohol and drugs, possibly leading to flunking out of university to come back and live at home.”

Getting the balance right between the education and the wellbeing of our children is key and as we have mentioned before, it should really be our focus as parents. Anything out of balance doesn’t work.

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