Less Parents Recommend Engineering For Their Girls

According to a recent report, the UK has the worst record in Europe for the recruitment of women engineers and half the country’s mixed sex state schools do not have a single girl studying physics at A-level.

The report also showed that parents were partly to blame for putting girls off a career in engineering – they were nine per cent less likely to recommend it as a career for girls, the biggest “gender gap” for any job.

This week is “Tomorrow’s Engineer Week” an initiative aimed at changing the perception of engineering as a career.


More Female Engineers Needed In the UK

Britain is the worst country in Europe in terms of female recruitment into engineering.

“Half of all our state schools don’t have a single girl studying physics A-level.”

According to the report, only eight per cent of engineering professionals in the UK are women – which compares to 30 per cent in Latvia, the country with the best record. In addition, 22 of the 28 countries surveyed do twice as well as the UK in terms of recruitment.

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