Leaving Infants in Buggies for Too Long ‘May Cause Long Term Harm’

Overuse of baby equipment prevents infants from exploring their physical environment and building up social skills in the vital first three years of life, a leading Physiologist has claimed.

According to the Telegraph, Sally Goddard Blythe, director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester, said children needed time to move and interact as an important part of growing up. She also added that a generation of under-threes was spending an increasing amount of time in “restricted sedentary positions from where the scope for physical experience is constrained” – potentially damaging future performance in exams.

Points that Ms Blythe made which are worth pointing out are:

  • She warned that many mothers and fathers were using equipment such as forward-facing buggies, car seats, door bouncers and swinging chairs for extended periods while they get on with their busy personal life.
  • Some also use screen-based technology such as smartphones and tablet computers to keep children occupied, she suggested.
  • “Attention, balance and co-ordination skills learned during the first 36 months of life support cognitive learning and have been linked to performance on SATs at school.
  • “Infants need opportunity for free movement and exploration whether that is tummy time, cuddling or rough play.

Ms Blythe does point out that she is not against the use of infant equipment but parents should use them in moderation. The first 36 months of any child’s life is very vital for their social developments.

Wellbeing in the early years is the foundation of success at school, in making friends and relationships and for all adult life.

source: http://bit.ly/1lBJHCY

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