Kenya Attacks – Condolences to the Parents, Families & Friends of the Victims

Our hearts, prayers and condolences do out to everyone affected by the recent killings at the University of Kenya. It’s so sad when aimless people with no meaningful ambitions decide to attack fellow human beings. Where are the consciences of such people I ask? Where are those innocent spirits they were born with? Where did the term ‘Good’ go to? Where has humanity flown to?

To the families and friends of these innocent victims, their deaths will NOT be in vain. Their time on earth though short will be extended by their legacies which you will continue. They were in school to get an education which is so vital. They would want others coming after them to do the same.

May God comfort you all, give you wisdom and direction through this grieving period and know that life is not over.

#KenyaAttacks #RIPKenyaVictims

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