Information for Secondary School

Research has it that most black UK pupils enter primary school at the same levels of pupils from other ethnicities, but by key stage 2, the decline begins and by key stage 4, our pupils on average perform the lowest of all ethnic groups. It is very important to understand the importance of these stages and we will be sharing more information in time on aspects that parents MUST know about their children’s education at schools. We must be and stay more involved at this stage of our Children’s educational welfare.

School Curriculums are generally organised as: Year 7, Year 8 & 9, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

The Year 7 curriculum builds on students’ experience of primary school. Projects cover the subject areas of humanities, the arts and technology. The work is focused on developing the key skills for learning which will be used all the way through the school and in later life. Core subjects of English, Maths and Science, along with Physical Education and Modern Foreign Languages (French, German or Spanish) are taught by specialists. Classes are organised according to the levels students have reached in primary school.

This does go to tell us therefore that the level our kids attain in year 6 is important as that will determine their sets when the get into secondary schools.

Years 8 and 9 are subject based, with specialist teaching across the whole of the national curriculum. Where possible, students move onto GCSE level work in Year 9. In Years 8 and 9, students are organised by ability in English, Maths and Science.

In Key Stage 4, the curriculum consists of a core of English, Maths, Science, Physical Education, RE, Citizenship and a wide range of academic and vocational options. This allows each student to follow a pathway suited to their needs, interests and level of attainment. Great care is taken in helping students and parents to make their option choices in Year 9. Where possible, classes are set within subject areas to ensure teaching is at the level needed by students.

Year 9 is very crucial as pupils get to choose their options. Choosing these options can sometimes be quite challenging for pupils. In ten2teens Magazine’s website, a career page to help ease the confusion over careers is available.