Compassion is a very important value that children need in their lives; it can be defined as the ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering of other people. In teaching our children to be compassionate, we are teaching them to care, teaching them to connect with their communities and teaching them that they can make a difference.
Research does show that one of the most important places that compassion is learned is in the home and it should start from an early age, so that this instilled value is developed as they grow to become teenagers.
How Can Parents instil Compassion?
Practice Compassion:
Opportunities always arises to make our children practice compassion. We have to be compassionate as well and always tell our children why we are being compassionate. Let being compassionate be something that your children see you do daily. Teach them to give without expecting anything in return,
Help our Children understand and Cope with Anger:
Anger is one the greatest obstacles to compassion so we can help our children to see both the positive and negative sides of anger, and how holding onto anger leads to unreliable and destructive outcomes.
Teach Children to Self-Regulate:
Self-regulating is the ability to stop or delay an action rather than acting on impulse. We need to help our children to calm down and think before reacting in certain circumstances. This value can help avoid bigger issues when they grow up.


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