How Parents Can Optimise Their Children’s Study Skills

Helena Pozniak of the Telegraph shares some ways we as parents can help optimise our children’s study skills.


  • Keep an eye on their social media use and limit screen time.
  • Create a place free from distractions where you child can concentrate.
  • Establish a routine — even if this is punctuated by rewards, such as screen time or an activity.
  • Borrow motivational ideas — get them to imagine stepping up for a medal, for example.
  • Be flexible: does your child focus better in the morning or evening?
  • Allow them freedom and encourage them to manage their own time.
  • Give praise where it’s due, and never threaten.
  • Have a conversation about responsibilities: life is sometimes about gritting your teeth and getting the job done.


  • Don’t nag excessively as it brings down the shutters.
  • Don’t tell them the answers — your child won’t learn and the school won’t know if there’s a problem.
  • Don’t expect your child to work in exactly the same way you did at school.
  • Don’t allow too much time for simple study tasks.
  • Don’t have a television in the bedroom — excessive viewing can dent their concentration.

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