How Can We Help Our Children To Achieve Their Highest Potential?

“Potential is not what people have done, but what they can do that they have not done yet.”

  • It helps to be aware of your children’s ability so that your help and support matches up with where they are and encourages them to grow up and expand
  • Encourage them to set goals and celebrate their achievements with them.
  • Encourage thinking skills: Thinking about problems and working out solutions is how new inventions and innovations come about so we can help development our children’s thinking skills by asking them questions for example, what coins are needed to pay for a drink, snack or newspaper at a corner shop? How much change should we get back? They may sometimes not get the answers right, but it’s all about getting their brains actively questioning. Never discourage them by saying ‘Oh keep quiet you talk too much.’
  • Encourage Independence: our children’s being independent prepares them better for the outside world. We must encourage and build our children to be as independent as possible by teaching them how to be organised, having a checklist to tick off before school to make sure they are not forgetting anything needed for school, give them jobs at home, give them responsibilities like making their own beds, keeping their rooms tidy, putting away dishes after meals and all other house works age appropriated.

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