How Can We Help Build Our Children’s Self Esteem?

As our children grow, they become more aware of their own identities. Some children shrink back being too conscious of themselves, some others glow and grow into very confident children and we come across many who are in between both worlds. ‘Positive self-esteem is important because when children experience it, they feel better about themselves, they are effective and productive, and they respond to other people and themselves in healthy, positive ways. They don’t have to build themselves up by tearing other people down or making others feel bad.’

As parents, we can help build them up by giving them positive feedbacks, being specific when we correct a wrong behaviour (try not to keep bringing up the past), Giving our children age-appropriate responsibilities in the home, showing interest in what they do and feeling free to give them compliments.

When we do our best with our children, life rewards us in amazing ways. Hang in there, you are doing great.

-Phinnah Chichi.


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