How Can We As Parents Contribute More To Help Our Children Succeed At School?

No matter how many successful entrepreneurs come out to say they did not complete school, and yet are very successful, that should NOT in any way take away the importance in our children getting an education.

Most times as parents we feel we cannot help our children because the methods in education have changed so much in the years gone by. The influence of our constant involvement and participation cannot be under-estimated at all.

Here are some tips some parents have shared with us in the past about we can help from the home point.

  • We must always share with our children the importance of having an education. Share with them how education has helped us as parents and how we are continuously learning every day in other forms.
  • Avoid sharing the bad experiences we had in school, always speak positive about school. It is not about telling lies if you did have a bad experience, it’s about not giving them a negative outlook of school based on your experience and giving them best chance to have their own experience of school.
  • Always make it your duty to talk to them about how their day went and how each subject was tackled today. Did they have discussions? Tests? Did our children answer any questions? What were their friends up to? These kinds of discussions helps us build good interactions with our children and let’s spill a secret here, children love it when they are given that chance to talk. The daily discussions help our children concentrate more in school as th
  • ey know they have to discuss how and what they did through the day. Those times are worth it. Invest in them wisely.


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