Homework Galore for Year 7s: What can parents do?

If you are a parent like me with a year 7 son or daughter, you will notice that our kids are coming home with more homework than they had in primary school. Having lots of homework to do every evening is one of the biggest changes all year 7 pupils will have to get used to.

How can we as parents help make this change effective and less stressful?

  • Don’t let your child do their homework in front of the TV as their concentration will surely be interrupted.
  • Make homework part of their routine. This helps them realise that doing some work every evening is better than letting it all pile up.
  • Encourage and do not dictate them into doing their homework. Our desire is for their homework time to be more of a pleasant experience than a forced duty. Our tone to them should be more matured with daily encouragements and chats about their experiences.

Interesting times indeed!

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