Happy New Month to all you Beautiful/Handsome Parents who share such a great mission to help bring out the best in our children.
As the half term break draws to a close, we look forward to the next phase with school runs, homework times, reading times and relaxing times.
Let’s use this weekend to reflect on how we have helped our children so far. Are there things we can correct? Are there things that we can improve on? Are there things we can start doing? Of course we all have things we can do better.
Don’t be embarrassed about your honest answers instead embarrass your embarrassments by making a fresh start.
I cannot end here without saying another big well done for all that you have done so far. We are very proud of you and together we can all do more.
Keep going! Do not give up! Our children are looking to us to show them how to never give up.
Have a blessed and beautiful start to this beautiful month-

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