Happy New Month

Hello Amazing parents,

As we start this new month of July and step into the next half of the year, I am honoured to start it with you and keep you up to date with what we have coming up.

Firstly I am sure we are breathing a sigh of relief that our Tweens and Teens are mostly all done with the end of year tests or exams such as GCSEs , A Levels or IBACC and other international exams.

Many parents, especially mums have questions and sometimes find it hard to understand their boys. They talk to them and get the silence treatment or the one worded answers. Their versions of how their day was are mostly guaranteed to stop at ‘it was ok’.

Tomorrow at 9pm in our facebook community, (https://www.facebook.com/groups/spottparentsnetwork/) I will be sharing 5 main insights about your tween and teens boys that EVERY parent should be aware of.

These insights will help you understand them better and therefore worry less about some of their reactions.

Raising 3 boys (22, 17 and 14) with my hubby has taught me a whole lot and I can tell you, that it works when you put in the work.

For those of us not on Facebook, I will be aim to have the video on YOUTUBE as well.

Please do subscribe to my channel (@Phinnah Chichi) for instant access to the videos and more.

For this week and beyond, I want each of us parents to NOT allow STRESS be part of what we carry around in our daily lives. Too many children are losing their mums or dads from illnesses that have STRESS as a big factor in them.

Stress is usually caused by HOW we THINK about ALL the things we need to do. We all need to do so many things, but take them step by step. Look after you. We don’t get awards for being super women and men taking on the whole world.

One by one, Step by step, Bit by bit is the way to go forward into a stress free life.

Have a Fab and Blessed week and please do not forget to reach out if you have any questions regarding your Tweens and Teens.

Kind Regards
Phinnah Chichi Ikeji

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