Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s day! To all Fathers! We love and appreciate you for all that you do and all that you are doing. Sometimes we get too busy and don’t often tell you but know this that you are special. Your sons need you to know how to be good men/role models and make an impact in the society. Your daughters need you so that when they grow up, their self-esteem stays intact and they avoid losers as partners.

You have the next Obamas, the next world leaders, the next social media inventors, the next scientific /medical inventors, professors, world changers all by your sides right now. Nurture them, don’t be a stranger to them so that when the time comes, your name will be called as the ‘Difference Maker’ who made the biggest impact in their lives. You are special Dads!

Embrace your roles and know that we are here to continue to support you. For all of those who are strangers to their children at this moment, it is never too late to make a go of your relationship with them. No matter how old they are, they still need you. Hope you had a nice one.

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