Happiness Is Essential In Education

Head teachers should show that they can be human and can join in the fun in front of pupils, parents and teachers, a leading independent school head has said. Sir Anthony Seldon, said that if heads were “cold, distant, unkind and not respectful of pupils, staff and parents” that the whole school would be “dragged down”. He stressed that “happiness is essential within education” and that “schools should strive to be happy, kind and warm places”. Many schools are apparently now taking up the teaching of character, well-being and resilience. Sir Seldon says “It is precisely because some children are unhappy, find life stressful, and find it difficult to cope at home or at school that this approach is necessary. We cannot stop bad and horrible things happening: but we can learn how to cope when they do come across us.”

If this is practiced in most schools, as parents we think it will be an additional bonus for our children.

It will be a good idea if we could all find out from our school heads, what their views are on this. We send our children and leave in the capable hands of school heads. I think it is wise for us to know their views on it. If happiness is essential in education, what are our schools doing about it?

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