‘Good Schools’ – A Top Priority to Move Homes for Professional Parents

According to a BBC education news report, A study by the Sutton trust suggests that about one in three (32%) professional parents in England has moved to an area they consider to have good schools, 18% had moved to live in the catchment area of a specific school, 2% admitted to buying a second home to use that address for a given school, 3% admitted using a relative’s address to get their children into a particular school.

The report also found that 6% admitted attending church services when they did not previously do so, to get their child into a church school. Professional parents were also more likely to pay for the “cultural capital” of weekly music, drama or sporting lessons and activities outside school.

More than two-thirds (68%) of professionals did so, compared with 47% of working-class parents and 31% of the lowest income parents.

The chairman of Sutton trust, Sir Peter Lampl has suggested based on this study, for the introduction of ballots for school admissions so that the best schools are not just for those who can afford to live nearby.

He said “This research suggests that those with money actively choose to live near good schools, employ tutors and ensure their children have extra lessons and enrichment activities that are often too expensive for other families to afford.”

“The ability for some parents but not others to use financial resources to secure their children’s achievement poses real impediments for social mobility, which need to be recognised and addressed as detrimental to society.”

But Nick Faith, from the Policy Exchange think tank, said: “It’s not right to stigmatise parents for trying to do the best by their children.

“Instead of making scapegoats of people who are simply attempting to improve the life chances of their kids, the focus should be on driving up the quality of teaching in the poorest areas of the country.”

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-25415231

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