Gone Too Soon

Bobbi KristinaBobbi KristinaBobbi Kristina

TOO YOUNG TO DIE: So young! So young! Is all I thought of when I heard of Bobbi Kristina’s death yesterday. As parents, children leaving us so soon is not good news at all. Our children are meant to outlive us. The circumstances surrounding her death gives me great concern for our youths of today and I am inspired now more than ever to do my very best to continue to inspire them and help bring out the very best that they already have in them. Our youths are our future generation and we owe them the guidance they need, the truths they need to hear and the wisdom they need to make the right choices for themselves. It is a cause that we must re-dedicate ourselves to. As parents, do you know your children’s friends? Start talking, start finding out, start advising, start being curious and stay loving in all that you do with them. They will hear us out but only when we talk in the right way and at the right time. Don’t give up parents no matter how difficult it may be. Stay the course. May Bobbi Kristina’s soul rest in peace.

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