Girls Risk Being Failed In Mixed Classrooms

NEWS: According to Nicole Chapman head of top leading girl’s school ‘Chelmsford County High School for Girls’ she insists that that single-sex lesson were the only environment in which female pupils could “totally be themselves” without having to “pander” to gender stereotypes.

She says many traditional boys’ schools are increasingly admitting girls as a “calming” influence on their pupils and to boost their positions in league tables.

Currently, just over 400 mainstream boys’ schools exist in the state and private sector, compared with more than 620 girls’ schools.

In many cases, boys’ schools continue to stage single-sex lessons up to the age of 16 and then admit girls into the sixth-form, particularly in the fee-paying sector.

Parents, what do you think about this? There are arguments for and against single-sexed school and mixed schools.

We appreciate your comments on this quite interesting topic. Let’s pretend we are in a debate about it. Are you FOR, AGAINST or NEUTRAL about single sex schools?


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