GCSE Results Day 2014 (21st Aug 2014)

Our children’s GCSEs results which they worked so hard for is finally coming out this Thursday the 21st of August. While many of them may be anxious and showing it, they are some that may be cool on the outside but very anxious on the inside. Whichever category your child seems to fit, we as parents must be there to support them and encourage them. Tell them how proud they have made us. This is really a major step in their life pursuits and yes we must ignore the naysayers who think education is not that important. It is and we want that instilled in our children’s brains. #Education helps open doors, Education helps put our children in the right places and education plus personal self-development will help rocket our children to the sky and beyond.

Encourage them, Be attentive to them, Support them and Love them.

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