GCSE Exams Marking System – Changes Planned

GCSE Exams Marking System - Changes Planned

  • The Exams board, OCR is to designate 10 groups of schools as exam marking centres from September 2014.
  • In each school, senior staff will set aside a designated room for teachers to mark papers, with time set aside in the regular school day. It will affect GCSEs, A-levels and other qualifications, with most marking taking place after the traditional exams season in May and June.
  • The chosen schools will also help drive the recruitment of teachers – usually senior members of staff – as markers in their chosen subject and OCR will introduce more in-depth training.

According to the Telegraph,

the move represent a major departure for exam boards and are seen as an attempt to give schools more “ownership” of the process, rebuilding trust in marking.

With these changes, I have personally re-highlighted to my children more reasons why good behaviour must go hand in hand with excellent academics. Parents, many times perceived bad behaviour or actual bad behaviour from children has affected the marks they are given in class works and tests. So it is very imperative that we as parents continually remind them to stay clear of problems at school, not to join other class clowns who think acting up is cool and to remind them what they are in school for.

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