Four-Year-Olds to Be Tested Within Days of Starting School

The Department for Education says that as part of a new accountability system, four-year-olds in England will face new school assessments in the three-Rs from 2016 onwards. This means that basic literacy and numeracy tests will be introduced for around 600,000 children in the first few weeks of the reception year.

According to the Telegraph,” Results from the “baseline” assessments will be used to chart pupils’ progress over a seven-year period before they sit formal SATs exams at the age of 11.”

Ministers are describing this test as just an informal “check” carried out by teachers. They emphasise that it would be a “simple check of a child’s level of understanding, for instance, counting and picture or letter recognition”, carried out in an informal setting and confirm that results of these baseline assessment will not be published in national league tables. This change is amongst other changes that we should expect to see across all stages of the educational system.


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