Four –In-10 Children ‘Missing Out On Good Parenting’

According to the telegraph:

research by the Sutton Trust finds that children who fail to develop strong emotional bonds with their parents before the age of three are more likely to be badly behaved and struggle at school.” It claims that poor parenting is fuelling a rise in the number of young children who grow up with behaviour and educational problems. Researchers warned that the issues applied to “families from all social classes

The figures show that as many four-in 10 infants fail to properly bond with their mothers and fathers by the age of three – storing up a series of social problems in later life.

The following finding came out from this research:

  • Strong emotional bonds between parents and children were vital to ensure youngsters develop properly in the first few years.
  • That 40 per cent of children failed to develop these bonds because of poor parenting, increasing the likelihood of being badly behaved and underachieving at school.
  • Boys’ behaviour was more easily affected than girls’ by poor parenting.

Suggestions given include that parents need to reassure sons and daughters with smiles and soothing tones while acknowledging their unhappiness when they get upset to lay the foundations of children’s social skills.


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