Female Genital Mutilation (Fgm) Awareness To Be Spread To Every School

Michael Gove has pledged to act on female genital mutilation and its detrimental effect on girls. More awareness will be made by him writing to every school in the country about FGM reminding head teachers of the duty to protect schoolgirls.

According to the Telegraph, It is estimated that there are 24,000 girls in Britain at risk of female genital mutilation. Hundreds are thought to be taken abroad and forced to undergo the practice.

17-year-old student campaigner Fahma Mohamed has been praised for her “inspirational work” against FGM, which is practiced in 28 African countries as well as some parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Fahma Mohamed’s campaign has also won the backing of the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who described it as deeply inspiring.

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