Explaining How A Primary School Is Classed As Underperforming

I read this part of the article from Telegraph online and thought it was best to share this with parents.

‘The government set a benchmark last year that all schools were supposed to ensure at least 60 per cent of 11-year-olds reached the standard for their age in the three-Rs – or satisfy separate “pupil progress” measures.

This means pupils can start to use grammatically complex sentences, spell difficult words and employ joined up handwriting in English. In maths, they should multiply and divide whole numbers by 10 or 100 and be able to use simple fractions and percentages.

Figures showed 767 schools dropped below the threshold in 2013.

This summer, the government raised the basic standard to 65 per cent.

It resulted in 768 schools – collectively teaching around 200,000 pupils – falling beneath the tougher benchmark.’ –Source: www.telegraph.co.uk.

How can parents help? We can help to make sure that our children know these basics and more. Find out from your teachers what level your child is in these areas and help move them up.

We CANNOT leave the education of our children in the hands of the school ONLY.

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