End of Year Family Meetings/ Catch-ups

Have you had your end of year family meeting? Or will you have it later on today? Family meetings are a fun way to re-bond and re-commit with the family. We find the end of year meetings as milestones to celebrate and be thankful for the year and also as a start to commit to what we want for the New Year.
The kids enjoy these meetings; they get to share their minds on what they thought of the year and what they want for the New Year. We get them to write out the achievements they desire. And these achievements range from academics and sports to behaviours in and out of the house. We find that this practice helps get the children prepared and responsible to commit to what they have written down. They are also encouraged and praised for their efforts in the year and we find that this motivates them the more. It is a fantastic routine to include in your family routines if you don’t do so already.
Get your family together and have a blessed and beautiful time being thankful and making your commitments for 2015.

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