Employers Prefer ‘Soft Skills’ Rather Than Technical Knowledge In Graduates They Recruit

A study shows that Employers look for graduates who are good at communicating, a team player, confident and analytical more than a graduate who just has the technical knowledge. The Employers however take technical knowledge more importantly after at least 2 years on the job.

It is very important for us as parents to have this in mind. It justifies when we talk about having a healthy balance. Our kids being only academically bright are not to their advantage. They need the balance. They get a lot of team work building in sports. Mentoring organisations such as African Caribbean Diversity (ACD), Urban Synergy, 100 black men of London and many others out there help children with confidence building, communication, team work, cultural awareness to mention but a few. Positive publications such as Ten2Teens Magazine helps also to build more confidence in our children, inspiring them to become all that they want to become and exposing them to good role models.

A healthy balance of both soft skills and their academics is key and that is what we should all aim for our children to have.

For more on the survey and the report visit- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-28560758

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