Education Is The Key Out!

You can make somebody rich, but you can’t keep them rich. The way we move our children out of poverty is to give them an education.

Education is so vital. We will always say this over and over again and not get tired of saying it to our children.

I was once in discussions with some teens who were giving me names of entrepreneurs that did not finish school and still made it in life; they called Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and few others. I smiled and asked them this two in one question. “Who has entrepreneurs like those mentioned surrounded themselves with? Who are the ones running their companies and are making them stay successful? The answer is ‘The EDUCATED ones’.

I also concluded by telling them that even though these guys did not finish school in the traditional way, they still learnt and continue to learn from those around them. Education is therefore important.

I saw a shift in their responses from these points mentioned. Parents, let’s continue to encourage, participate and empower our children’s educational developments.

It is so worth it.

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