Does Your Child’s School Have a Library?

According to a news article that I read from the BBC Education section, The Libraries All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has suggested that Ofsted should examine school library provision when inspectors visit a school.

The group says school libraries are vital in helping children develop literacy skills and a love of reading. It says every child should have access to a library within their own school and we totally agree with them.

Apparently under current rules, there is no statutory duty on schools to provide libraries, or library services, meaning that access to such a facility is down to headteachers’ discretion. I did not realise that, did you?

The APPG has suggested that as a minimum, it was calling for all secondary schools in the UK to have a good library and we concur with that suggestion. How can some schools not have a library? No wonder after primary schools, reading amongst pupils decline at an alarming rate. Do you agree that every school should have a library? Please let us know what you think.

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