Deadline to Apply For Students Loans for the Upcoming Academic Year

To Parents of current year 13 pupils who will be starting their University courses in September 2014, a reminder that this month is the deadline for the application of loans and students have been warned to apply now to avoid weeks without cash.

It was reported that last year, more than a third of English students missed the deadline to apply and some left it until the beginning of term, said the Student Loans Company.

Each application can take up to six weeks to process, it warned.

Some costs, such as halls of residence, travel costs and books, have to be met upfront.

It warns that many students may be tempted to wait to apply for funding until they receive their A-level results in August and have had their places confirmed by universities.

Deadlines for new students in England and Wales to apply for funding for the coming academic year are this month and for continuing students have until the end of June.


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