Day 5: The week’s final Lesson on Discipline for our children

A Lesson on Discipline for our Children

Enforce the rules consistently. What brings a smile today shouldn’t bring a slap tomorrow. Inconsistency weakens your authority and breeds disobedience in them. Here are some things to shun:

  1. Avoid comparisons. No child should be expected to be just like another.
  2. Avoid hurtful labels such as ‘You’re stupid, lazy, bad, a waste of time,’ etc. Describe their actions; don’t demolish their self-worth.
  3. Avoid idle threats. Enforce the rule, or drop it.
  4. Avoid bribes; they just breed manipulation and diminish the importance of rules.
  5. Avoid making fun of their weaknesses.
  6. Don’t fear saying ‘No!’ Their future success and happiness depend on learning to deal with it.

(Source: Word for today 22/7/13)

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