Cyber Bullying On the Increase – Tips for Staying Safe Online

Cyber Bullying On the Increase - Tips for Staying Safe OnlineThe ‘Childline’ charity has reported a rise in the number of children contacting them with bullying issues. The charity also saw a rise in concerns about self-harming, depression and difficult family relationships as top reasons children had for contacting them.

Childline has shared some tips of staying safe online for our children and we as parents should talk to our children about these tips, if possible, print out these tips and stick them in their rooms as a constant reminder.

Tips for Staying Safe Online

  • Don’t post personal information online, like your address, your email address or mobile number. Keep personal information as general as possible.
  • Never let anyone have access to your passwords. Check the privacy settings on accounts like Facebook/Twitter and make sure you know how to keep your personal information private.
  • Change passwords regularly.
  • Think very carefully before posting photos of yourself online. Once your picture is online, anyone can download it and share it or even change it.
  • Never respond or retaliate to negative posts.
  • Block any users that send you nasty messages on social media sites.
  • Never reveal your real name, your friends’ names, where you go to school or your place of work.
  • Don’t open emails, downloads or attachments from people you don’t know or trust as they could contain a computer virus or unwanted messages.
  • Block spam emails and delete them.


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