Congratulations to all our children who have graduated and come to the end of a great school year

I had a talk with the year 6 pupils and their parents yesterday at a leaver’s celebration, giving them 3 main points to take with them as they step into new territories;

  • Stay true to yourself- by holding on to all the great values that your wonderful parents and teachers have helped instil in you. Stay disciplined, stay polite and stay respectful.
  • Do not follow the crowd- There will temptations out there to join in mischief, but stand out from the crowd and you will be counted among the great.
  • Be a great example- As you step into secondary school, the younger generation are looking up to you, so be a great example to them.

As parents, we are all very proud of our children. We must continue to stay involved in their educational development and not give up. I ended by telling them that I am looking forward to saying in the future that the prime minster attended this school or that high court judge was in this year 6 class. These made them all smile through their tears.

Keep encouraging your children. They are our future generation and need to know that they will be great.

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