Computers, TVs and Mobile Phones in Children’s Bedrooms Can Cause Anxiety and Prevent Sleep

Parents have been urged to take televisions, computers and mobile phones out of children’s bedrooms as they cause anxiety and prevent sleep which ruins school performance, a study published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology has suggested.

According to Alice Philipson to the Telegraph, Researchers have found that having televisions and games consoles in the bedroom teaches the brain to see the room as an entertainment zone rather than a place for quiet and rest.
While playing violent video games in the bedroom sets up to the brain to see it as a place of danger and where it should be on edge.

It comes a year after a study by consumer watchdog Ofcom found teenagers sent an average of 193 texts every week, more than double the number they sent in 2011.

It also found than 70 per cent of teenagers have television sets in their rooms.


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