Classroom Teddy Bears ‘Prompt Competitive Parenting’

I just read this article on the BBC online and smiled because I can see clearly the point being addressed. Has your child ever come back with a cuddly toy from school to spend the weekend with it and record activities in a diary that your child has done with the toy?

Well research by the TES has it that this innocent and fun activity which has really been to encourage parents to get active with their child and pupils to practice writing and storytelling skills is now leading to over competitiveness amongst parents using the teddy bear’s diary to showcase their impressive array of weekend activities.. Some parents trying to outdo each other.

Instead of simple visits to the park or walks in the country, teachers report that bears have spent weekends attending orchestra rehearsals, piloting ships and enjoying high-profile events.

According to the BBC, TES Editor said that “parents find themselves nosing through the bear’s diary to see what it has been up to on previous weekends and they start to judge and compare.”

“We’ve seen, through online discussion boards, that some parents have been reduced to tears over having the bear for the weekend.

“Some parents work all weekend, while others struggle with the English language to the point that just writing the report becomes a stressful exercise.

Some schools say these parent politics have led them to stop using the toys.

Do you agree that some parents try to outdo each other with their weekend activities? What’s your take on it?


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